Who Can Get Listed

Any manufacturer of suspension parts can apply to get listed in the HondaCivicSuspension.com database. An applying manufacturer should have an office and warehouse in the United States as would be required to provide service and inventory to customers in the United States.

Who Cannot Get Listed

Individual dealers of suspension parts typically cannot get listed in the HondaCivicSuspension.com database. In order to provide a safe environment for our users, links are only made to trusted websites. This is designed to ensure accurate information and foster confidence in users of the HondaCivicSuspension.com database. Individual dealers are welcome to apply, but are unlikely to get listed.

What Types of Parts Can Get Listed

This database only lists suspension and chassis parts. Examples include: bushings, coil springs, control arms, lift kits, sway bars, steering components etc. We will not list parts that cannot be (at least on some level) considered a suspension or chassis part.

Cost to Get Listed

There is no fee or cost structure associated with getting listed in the HondaCivicSuspension.com database. Additions to the database are made pending a mutual agreement between the inquiring manufacturer and the owner of HondaCivicSuspension.com (Diverse Suspension Technologies). Details are available by sending us an inquiry below.


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